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About Me


My dog, Blessing, led me to Tailwaggers! When my store, Nirvana Body & Soul, was located across the parking lot, I would bring her to work and she would stand at the door and bark when she saw dogs coming and going.  She is such a socialite and craved companionship; she loves people, but she loves to play with other puppies even more. As a new dog owner, I appreciated the guidance I received from the wonderful staff.  We became regulars for daycare, then grooming, then hotel stays, then veterinary care.  As a business owner and career woman, it is such a relief to have a one-stop shop for all my pets’ needs.  When the founder, Stephanie Gau, decided to sell, I jumped at the opportunity to continue and offer the wonderful experience that we have had to others.

Our animals love us unconditionally and offer their companionship freely.  We can reward them by keeping them happy and healthy.  Our pets are part of our family and rely on us to keep them safe.  At Tailwaggers, we trust and use the products we sell on our own animals. Different breeds can have different requirements as my own Westie does.  It is important that we provide multiple options for pet parents to choose from.  Our organic and grain-free pet food lines expands the choices we offer, in addition to our higher protein, less by-product lines we already carry.

I want to continue educating our customers about wholesome nutrition and value for the money and continue Stephanie’s legacy.  At Tailwaggers, our staff likes giving to the community and helping them care for their furry family friends.


Keeley Mancuso & Blessing




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